“KUNG FU JUNGLE” – WORLD PREMIERE – a little film by Native Nomad Pictures

Donnie Yen

Followers of Jason Verney or @NativeNomadPics may have noticed the odd crossover with @MiniMiniMovies (MiniMiniMovie.com).

Why? Or more precisely perhaps… What. Is. Native. Nomad. Pictures?!

In a nutshell, it’s the filmmaking side of Mini Mini Movie and therefore any such projects are made under the guise of MMM’s sister-company, NativeNomadPictures.com.

For example, you may have spotted the interactive Music Video for a Damon Albarn song.

Not only this, such filmmaking projects often have a connection to the sorts of films which MMM tends to ‘go for’ – those commonly being independent; short; international. Either that, or videos which have something in common with Asian or World culture.

And so, because this website is all about Jason Verney’s films or collaboratiobns, big or small it felt fitting to mention another.

And… strictly speaking, it IS also a ‘mini mini movie’.

However, I should also mention that this particular filmic project was one in collaboration with that fabulous website, easternKicks!

So here it is… Well, below all this blurb anyhow:

“Kung Fu Jungle” – World Premiere (Stars on the Red Carpet)

“On Sunday 12th October, 2014 stars of the film “Kung Fu Jungle” descended onto Leicester Square’s Carpets of Red.

Andrew Heskins, of popular website easternKicks.com had been granted permission to interview actors and persons behind the film, the movie having its official World Premiere on this day.

Commissioning and enlisting the assistance of Jason Verney at Native Nomad Pictures Ltd ensured that these interviews, the cast’s arrival and more was captured for use in a little film. This is that film.

Andrew Heskins
Donnie Yen
Michelle Bai
Teddy Chen

Andrew Heskins
Michelle Bai
Teddy Chen
BFI London Film Festival
Eastern Kicks
London Asian Film Society
Mini Mini Movies



– Taken from the ‘Native Nomad Pictures’ Vimeo channel: