BIO’ – Jason Verney

Jason Verney is an independent filmmaker, videographer and journalist, whose websites (and company/ies) include Native Nomad Pictures Limited and Mini Mini Movie & is also proud co-founder of the London Asian Film Society.

Having studied at Uplands Community College, he followed this with several years in both retail and finance industries, making his mark as a manager, mentor and trainer, to name but a few.

During all this time, he was putting to use his creative skills by writing the odd screenplay or two, attending courses and masterclasses – such as at the Met Film School, in Ealing, Raindance and one run by the much revered filmmaker & photographer, Mike Figgis.

With his passion for cinematography, directing and acting as cameraman securely behind him, he soon began work on many projects, often – but not always – involving Korea, travelling to South Korea, collaborating there and in the UK, studying the Korean language in 2013 and building artistic relationships.

Whether working as part of a bigger team with pro cameras and bigger budget/s or simply himself, a DSLR camera or two plus a couple of mics and with a tiny team or one-man band, his aim is to always create the vision he wants.  This can mean working with a script or without.

Highlights or high points include being commissioned to film at the Korean Ambassador’s (?) residence in London, securing a Korean musician a venue in London for their UK debut, being asked to film events at the prestigious Korean Cultural Centre, UK and recording a music video for esteemed musician, Damon Albarn (Blur; Gorillaz).

Footnote:  Jason’s Photogenic Side

A Plethora of Photographic images – for Perusal or (and Permission Permitting) Purchase…

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