BIO’ – Jason Verney

Jason Verney is an independent filmmaker, videographer and journalist, whose websites (and company/ies) include Native Nomad Pictures Limited and Mini Mini Movie & is also proud co-founder of the London Asian Film Society.

Having studied at Uplands Community College, he followed this with several years in both retail and finance industries, making his mark as a manager, mentor and trainer, to name but a few.

During all this time, he was putting to use his creative skills by writing the odd screenplay or two, attending courses and masterclasses – such as at the Met Film School, in Ealing, Raindance and one run by he much revered filmmaker & photographer, Mike Figgis.

With his passion for cinematography, directing and acting as cameraman securely behind him, he soon began work on many projects, often – but not always – involving Korea, travelling to South Korea, collaborating there and in the UK, studying the Korean language in 2013 and building artistic relationships.

Highlights or high points include being commissioned to film at the Korean Ambassador’s (?) residence in London, securing a Korean musician a venue in London for their UK debut, being asked to film events at the prestigious Korean Cultural Centre, UK and recording a music video for esteemed musician, Damon Albarn (Blur; Gorillaz).

Footnote:  Jason’s Photogenic Side

A Plethora of Photographic images – for Perusal or (and Permission Permitting) Purchase…

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