NetFlix NewsFlash! – Notfussed?

netflix-logo-png-hd-7What does one – one person or one organisation – do when approached by a certain third party, whom at first are reluctant to give what or who they are working for away, asking to use your material on a significant film or programme?

Not only that, your gut feeling is that full credit, in words on screen or money in pocket, may not be provided…

Let me tell you.

You pry, and also pray.

You pry with intrigue, because, after all it’s your footage and hard work they are after.  You have every right… and RIGHT, or RIGHTS being key here also.

You pray, for various reasons – and not necessarily in a religious way – and such being any or all of the following:

  • That you’ll be able to supply what they are after
  • That the agreement between them and you, or your company will be amicable and businesslike at the same time.
  • That you’ll get the credit you deserve
  • That you’ll be reimbursed accordingly*

* Asterisk due to funding isn’t always applicable, as ethics often come into play and the ultimate usage or worthiness of the cause in question.

Negotiation is key in such a situation, but only then sometimes to a degree – but ultimately whether you go with what you may be offered it’s up to you, your colleagues, team or your soul.

So… Jason Verney, our head guy was approached by such a company whom received words requesting if segments of a film could be used.  Soon followed a phone-call and then more emails and ‘exchanging of emails’.

In that mentioned phone-call Jason pried for further information, having already guessed what this company wanted it for – And in doing so they, or rather the individual, a pleasant seeming lady, were a little surprised that we knew about the forthcoming ‘show’.  Yes, this was to be or play part of an exclusive show and recording on Netflix of a pretty famous comedian.

After to-ing and fro-ing and a release form completion [yep, you’ve guessed it…  the agreement was made] the deal was done, and thus another notch on NNP’s / Jason Verney’s portfolio or film resume.  All will be revealed as to how this went (and indeed when we have the RIGHT or RIGHTS to elaborate…) – UNTIL THEN, our lips are sealed…