“REPARATION” – A New Mid Length film by Jason Verney

Pre-production began in Autumn 2019 and at the very start of 2020 the first and integral scenes were shot.

Autumn 2020 will mark completion of all remaining scenes, all being well – the majority of the crew has been secured and actors selected.  We are watching the COVID-19 situation closely.



2014:  ****UPDATE****

The film “PAN Asian” had its UK Premiere at:

Walthamstow International Film Festival

And, if you don’t believe us check out their other website… the evidence is there – or at least was when we last looked at it!

A little film background.  After some debating, we decided that Native Nomad Pictures submit a film to the Terracotta Far East Film Festival, now in its 5th year.

The 3 minute film is a kind of throwback to the style of old silent films, but in glorious ‘colour’. We follow a girl’s attempts at selling a cooking utensil. A possible loss in translation is hindering her sales tactics, but is it her words or the various outlets she visits causing the miscommunication and ultimate distress?

We’re calling it a ‘fry-on-the-wall’ light dramatisation and almost documentation of Asian life and business in London.


[Early teaser poster]


[Latest version]