An Evening With The Korean Ambassador – NNP Exclusive (& More)

If you’ve been unaware of projects NNP have been involved with, and especially over the last 6 months here is news of two of those.

Of course, if you’re already following either @NativeNomadPics, or indeed @_dOKumENtARy (or their respective Facebook pages: NativeNomadPicturesSouthKoreaDocumentary) you may know of such projects.

The fact of the matter is that, strangely enough both projects have a connection with last year, 2013 as much as they do with this year too.

Let us explain…

First up is an event filmed towards the event of 2013, in which we had EXCLUSIVE rights and permission to film within the South Korean Ambassador’s residency in London for an event with His Excellency himself and others.  The event was to celebrate the Korean holiday known as ‘Chuseok (추석)’.

After various incarnations and different levels of approval, the final cut of the Chuseok celebrations was given the go-ahead and dis now visible to all and therefore viewable publicly:


Then there was another Korean related event which Native Nomad Pictures were again commissioned to make a film of, and again – just like in 2013 – by Jason Verney.  This time it was for the talented souls over at the Korean Artists Association, of the United Kingdom (or the KAA, UK for short).  As mentioned, we were approached in 2013 too, albeit that was a condensed version of events from the concert itself – this was due in part to the fact that it was needed as part of the Art exhibition itself last year and subsequently projected onto the Korean Cultural Centre’s wall for all to see.

This time, however we created a full-length feature of the evening and more.  What evolved is what you see, a combination of the music of the night in question, montages of the preparation, the artwork on display and even the rehearsals:


Both of these films differ immensely from our Music Video produced earlier this year.  In case you missed that video or simply want to listen to the marvellous songwriting and vocal skills of Mr Damon Albarn, click here for the full and INTERACTIVE film:


Until the next update…