JKL – A film made for a cause, or two.


… been involved with the performances themselves last year, of the deeply touching “GUMOK” – a musical by Jo Cho and shown to audiences in London – it was felt that a Featur-aware-ette be put together in a very short form.

The other reason for it being such a short film was so that it could be entered in Going Underground, a Korean-German film festival.

Going Underground is a film festival linking Seoul and Berlin together & their subways, along with film-makers from across the world. Winning entries have the opportunity to have their film shown on the metro/s.


[Film stills]

Director [of the ‘featur-aware-ette’, not the musical] Jason Verney has allowed all to currently view it online, at the below destination. You’ll find a few other projects there also.


You’ll also find a little bit more about the film and ‘how’ best to watch it – with sound, or without…

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